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Colour photographs were taken in May 2004

Muhlberg_Stalag_IV_B_signpost-1.JPG (18234 bytes)    Muhlberg_Stalag_IV_B_entrance-1.JPG (41764 bytes)    Muhlberg_Stalag_IVB_info-1.JPG (25696 bytes)    Muhlberg_Stalag_IVB_cemetery_info_2-1.JPG (16286 bytes)    Muhlberg_Stalag_IV_B_entrance_1-1.JPG (27042 bytes)    Muhlberg_Stalag_IVB_1-1.JPG (28463 bytes)

STALAG IV-B:                 Entrance                       Photo display                Cemetery noticeboard   Entrance road           Central avenue

Muhlberg_Stalag_IV_B_latrine_3_small-1.JPG (29405 bytes)    Muhlberg_Stalag_IV_B_latrine_4_small-1.JPG (34968 bytes)    Muhlberg_Stalag_IV_B_baracks_1_small-1.JPG (24539 bytes)    Muhlberg_Stalag_IV_B_pool_1-1.JPG (30094 bytes)    Muhlberg_Stalag_IV_B_cemetery_2_small-1.JPG (33309 bytes)    Muhlberg_Stalag_IV_B_cemetery_3_small-1.JPG (22182 bytes)

Ruins of main latrine--------------------------->      Barrack foundations   Pool                                 Cemetery-------------------------------------->       

Six B&W photos courtesy of Bill Glascock (USA) whose grandfather, Private Wallace K Glascock, 28th Infantry Division, was a "guest" of Stalag IV-B

Muhlberg_BW-1.jpg (35629 bytes)    Muhlberg_BW-2.jpg (35809 bytes)    Muhlberg_BW-4.jpg (34722 bytes)    Muhlberg_BW-5.jpg (25312 bytes)    Muhlberg_BW-6.jpg (43504 bytes)    Muhlberg_BW-3.jpg (23791 bytes)

Five photos of MUHLBERG taken by Bill's grandfather (standing next to the Jeep in pic 1) just after the liberation of Stalag IV-B in 1945.
The last picture is the town hall tower in Gera.


Germany_PoW_camp_map_edit_1.JPG (66788 bytes)        Stalag_IV-B_plan_west.jpg (54095 bytes)    Stalag_IV-B_plan_east.jpg (53563 bytes)    Transfer_slip_IV-B_to_IV-D.jpg (20053 bytes)        

German PoW camp       STALAG IV-B:                 Camp plan                     Camp plan                      Transfer slip
locations                        local area map               west section                east section                   from IV-B to IV-D
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(Last updated 23 August 2009 )

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